Coatstand collection
Material: Beech, Oak, Chechén and Black lacquered
Dims.: 0.47m (w) x 0.47m (h) x 1.70m(l).
Photography: Nico E. Lemus
Year: 2013

Rompecabezas is a coatstand made of 26 pieces of wood glued together in 4 different directions. The “puzzled” composition along the post gives the impression of being unfinished, leaving place and limbs free to be used. Although it seems illogical to get the user confused, it encourages interaction as you search where to hang your coat or purse. The concept takes reference from common hanging scenarios, where a tree branch or the chair’s backrest is discovered as useful for keeping your things off the ground.

The piece remains balanced thanks to its solid wood base but light enough to be moved easily around. The main post shows repeated modules arranged at different heights allowing to hang things in each of its sides. It is fabricated with solid beech wood and simple carpentry tools.